Working together to create something bigger than ourselves

Adding social value where we have expertise

We finance and build attainable workforce housing.  We do this by building relationships with employers and employees to craft customized housing solutions with a focus on financial attainability and environmental sustainability. We aim to help employers and employees realize the dream of having a place to call home.


Social Communities is an expanding team of professionals and experts that include providers of conscious capital, interior designers, real estate development professionals, and event and social experience programmers.  We are working together to create residential communities that help employers and employees thrive.

Combined our team has over 55 years of residential development experience.

We Believe

“We have a responsibility to cultivate housing and social experiences that help local employees and employers to realize their highest potential.”
Marion Mauro
Director of Partnerships
“A home provides a powerful foundation for workers who serve their community.”
Lee Tuchfarber
“Providing housing for employees means changing the trajectory of the community for years to come.”
Jim Mueller
Senior Advisor
“Soaring housing costs have led to a massive burden for employees and employers. We intend to fix this.”
Greg Trapani
Senior Advisor


Renting or buying a home today is more difficult that it ought to be. 
For working people.  For the very people who are building up the community. 

We founded Social Communities to make finding a home, and the
freedom and security that comes with it, accessible to everyone. 

Home is a critical foundation for the future.  And workers serving
the community deserve that, too.

A program designed for employees and employers.


Social Communities provides the benefit of rentals to enable future home ownership for employees. 


For those ready to purchase, we offer a path to owning your dream home. 


Social Communities believes that social connectivity is the most powerful tool to help employees want to stay in the community. We offer curated events and experiences to enable residents to experience a sense of belonging. 

Partner with us

Interested in making real estate more equitable? We work with employers, employees, local governments, brokers and capital partners to make housing accessible for all.  Join us to impact on the social fabric of the community.